「Can This Car Break Under Suzuki’s Lap Record?!」A Strong Lancer Evolution 9 Challenger Appears in Time for Tsukuba Attack 2021【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/03/31 23:39 Modified : 2021/03/31 23:39

1 lap of Tsukuba in under 50 seconds?! Fire Ando Attack 2021【New Content】



This Lancer Evolution (CT9A) by Escort & Yoshiki Ando has broken course records at various circuits and now become a top level time attack machine. The V-OPT team was there to witness its attack on Tsukuba circuit.



This Lancer Evolution is packed with cutting-edge tuning technology throughout! Can Fire Ando top the track record of Under Suzuki in this season’s attack?! Watch and find out!