「It Weighs 20kg Less Than The Factory Stock Hatch!」A Featherweight Dry Carbon Rear Gate for the FD3S

Published : 2021/03/31 23:56 Modified : 2021/03/31 23:56

A must see item for FD3S owners aiming to shave weight


A dry carbon rear gate that significantly reduces weight at the rear!


Tsukuba time attack is one of the hottest and most talked about events in recent days. The battle to cut tenths of seconds off lap times is in the mind of all who participate. Coming to those drivers’ aid is Ready Go Next (RGN) with a new dry carbon rear hatch for the FD3S.



The factory rear hatch with the glass weighs about 25kg stock. An FRP hatch with acrylic comes in at about 13kg. This super lightweight dry carbon model weighs only 3.8kg in total. The price is 268,000yen. For the serious FD3S owner seeking the ultimate in lightweight parts this is a small price to pay.


※Genuine factory hinges can be used if slightly modified

※Any wing must be attached at the body, not to this hatch


●Special Thanks: Ready Go Next  6731 Shibasaki, Inashiki, Ibaraki Prefecture  Mail:ready55next@gmail.com


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