MAX Orido To Offer “Playground” for Petrolheads! | Hakone Meetup and Fuji Track Day Confirmed

Published : 2021/03/31 11:15 Modified : 2021/03/31 11:15

MAX Orido’s passion for having fun in cars knows no bounds!


Orido Paradise to keep rolling through 2021


With participation in the 2021 series of both Super GT and Super Taikyu confirmed, Manabu Orido is the epitome of a racing driver at the forefront of the sport. Despite such a busy schedule, he has also announced his intention to take an active part in the recreational driving scene. The mainstay of this will be his car club, “Orido Paradise,” of which one can become a member for a monthly fee of 500 yen.


“We no longer live in an era where you can enjoy pushing your car to the limit on public roads. Even places that petrolheads can meet up are getting fewer and fewer. I want to do something about that,” says Orido. “I want to keep having fun with cars. Orido Paradise is a playground for cars made by all of us. It would be awesome if we could create an environment that makes possible things that I can’t do on my own.” Today we would like to introduce two events brought to you by that very same Orido Paradise.


Text: April 24, 2021 (Sat) – Orido Paradise – A Car Community for Car Fans by Car Fans – Autoage – Autoage Car Life Support Service – MAX Orido Hakone Paradise – Bikers Paradise Minami Hakone


First up is “MAX Orido Hakone Paradise”, coming on Saturday, April 24th, 2021. This  meeting for car fans will take place at Bikers Paradise Minami Hakone, and feature various attractions to enjoy at a relaxed pace whilst having a bite to eat. Chief amongst these will be an indoor talk show.


Text: May 18, 2021 (Tue) – MAX Orido – Fancy Racing With MAX Orido on Fuji Speedway’s Main Course? – Fuji Speedway Main Course Track Day – Supported by Autoage – Orido Paradise – A Car Club for Car Fans by Car Fans


The second is a track day event on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021, called “Wanna Enjoy Racing With MAX Orido at Fuji Speedway?”. This event, bearing a racing drivers name, may appear to have a strong flavor of being a kind of “training” for learning to drive fast, with a focus on recording times. However, since the main goal of the event is to have fun in cars, actual speed is of secondary importance. Rather than worrying about times, the focus is on allowing participants to safely enjoy sports driving.



The “MyGarage” app is in use for both events, with event applications and payment to be handled in-app. As applications close automatically as events reach capacity, those wishing to participate will want to move quickly!


*Both events are also open to non-members of Orido Paradise.


Orido Paradise Membership Outline

・One-time payment: 2500 yen
・Monthly fee: 500 yen
・Conditions for participation: All car fans welcome regardless of vehicle


MAX ORIDO Hakone Paradise Event Outline

・Date/Time: April 24th, 2021/11:00-15:00

・Venue: Bikers Paradise Minami Hakone

・Participation fee: Drivers – 5000 yen (incl. parking, food & one drink)/Passengers – 2000 yen (incl. food & one drink)


Wanna Enjoy Racing With MAX Orido at Fuji Speedway? Event Outline

・Date/Time: May 18th, 2021/11:00-17:00

・Venue: Fuji Speedway

・Participation fee: no FSW licence – 22,400 yen+tax/with FSW licence – 21,500 yen+tax


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