Monster Copen Laps Tsukuba Under 1 Minute! | We Get the Details on Super Serious Machine That Rules the K-Car Class

Published : 2021/03/31 14:29 Modified : 2021/04/02 15:17

New “Attack-K” category’s record-breaking machine


Increased 820cc displacement and NOS yield 270ps! 


As if in response to the upswell in the kei car tuning scene, famous time attack event, “Attack”, has a new “Attack-K” class. This L880K Copen by Osaka’s Copen specialist shop “Mo-Fac” could be said to be its poster car. As a result of a carefully planned update ahead of this season, it managed to record an incredible time of 59.595 seconds at Tsukuba.



The JB-DET engine at its heart benefits from 65mm Suzuki F6A pistons and connecting rods from the JC-DET, found in the Storia amongst others, to increase displacement to 820cc. Add to this an RHF5 turbo and NOS, and the car boasts 270ps and 26.6kgm of torque at a max boost of 2.3 kilograms. The massive intercooler that fills the bumper aperture speaks volumes of this tune’s ferocity.



The transmission gets an upgrade to dog engagement 3rd-5th gears made for the Copen by Compact Motorsport in New Zealand. This and a flat shifter keep shift times down to the bare minimum. 



The body gets 100mm-per-side wider fenders, increasing the tread width with a view to maximizing mechanical grip. By the way, the flashy body color is a new pigment from ShowUP, called “envy Kandy”. The tires are 225 section width Hoosier A7s. These tires have exemplary levels of grip, and more than satisfactory longitudinal elasticity.



The suspension is an original adjustable damper setup based around a CRUX kit. The springs are by HAL, and ratios are on the hard side at 18kg/mm.



The interior is completely void of unneeded items, and a rollcage adds reinforcement. The standard fuel tank makes way for a Kinokuni safety tank. The addition of baffles and its position where the passenger seat used to be contribute to optimizing balance and preventing the fuel from pooling at one side of the tank during cornering. The seat is a Recaro RMS.



Even though he set a new all-time record for a machine with a kei car base, the driver, Morimoto, claims he made a few errors. Furthermore, the setup was not fully complete. Should all of these negatives turn into pluses, there looks to still be plenty of room for growth here.


Thanks to: Mo-Fac, 2-1-8 Higashiuneno, Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture (Tel: 072-791-5559)


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