[Kisaragi Amano’s Column] New Pandem 180SX Aero Debut | Getting Ready for the Opening Round in the Paint Booth! [KISA’s DRIFT LIFE vol.60]

Published : 2021/04/01 10:20 Modified : 2021/04/01 10:22

Kisa-Eighty first car to equip new aero!


Currently preparing in earnest for first round of D1 Lights


In the last few days the blackout on information surrounding TRA Kyoto’s new “Pandem V3 180-240SX” aero kit ended at last. This third generation 180SX body kit has a completely different look to the previous Rocket Bunny effort, and releases as part of the Pandem series. The classic and yet fresh design is easy to love, huh?



And the very first car in the world to get that V3 kit? My pride and joy, the Kisa-Eighty! When I heard that Miura-san would be in charge of everything down to the body color and vinyl design, it sounded like something out of a dream! I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy.



The videos and pictures that came out at the time the media blackout was lifted were mock ups, but it seems like Miura-san’s editing skills were so good that most people assumed it was the real thing. Actually, the car is currently in for painting in preparation for its debut in Round 1! 



Only the bumper is on the front of the car at the moment, but there is another part to go on below it that will serve as a lip. To solve the classic, “Can’t get up the hauler ramp!” problem lowered cars are notorious for, this setup means that just the lip can be removed!



I’m so excited every day waiting for it to be finished! 2020 saw a long period of closed-door events, but this year I hope you can all come and see the new Kisa-Eighty in the flesh! Oh, and this Pandem V3 kit goes on sale at the beginning of April (price TBC)!


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