「So Many D1GP Drivers in Their Younger Years!」Playback from the 2000 Ika-ten Drift Tournament! Part.1【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/04/01 16:18 Modified : 2021/04/01 16:18

Festival of Drift! The 6th Street Team Ika-ten National Tournament 2000 V-OPT.079①



The video picked up this time shows footage from the Ika-ten National Tournament which was held in 2000. It is a high level tournament where drifters from all over Japan came to battle. You can see a lot of familiar young faces who later went on to be successful in D1GP. Also featured are the female drifters who showed their skills in the Ladies division.



Ika-ten was a National Tournament with conditions similar to the current D1GP. For example, the accuracy of drift and also the section time are both judged. You can watch playback from the first round in this video.