THIS is the Fruit of the Additive Revolution | Silicium Grains Will Give Your Pride and Joy a New Lease of Life

Published : 2021/04/01 15:58 Modified : 2021/04/02 09:10

High number of repeat buyers back last word in high performance chemicals


Silicium grain coating enhances feeling


In recent years, one chemical has been quietly making waves in tuning circles. That chemical is the engine and gear oil additive, “Rewitec”.


Silicium is a type of silicon which forms a kind of coating on metal surfaces, reducing frictional resistance. Power and torque benefits as well as improved fuel efficiency can be expected as a result, and it can be used on transmission parts with the aim of improving shift and LSD feeling.



The product comes in two main types. For use on engines; “Power Shot”, and for transmissions; “G5”. PowerShot is introduced to the engine through the oil filler opening, and improves power, torque, response and fuel efficiency whilst reducing noise and vibration. 



Above are images taken before and after using the chemical with a microscope. You can no doubt see that the roughness of surface has been reduced. After using the chemical, results start appearing after about 10km of driving, and the reaction continues for about 1000km, resulting in the creation of a tough coating.



As for “G5”, it works anywhere gears are involved, so not only manual transmissions, but also automatic transmissions and differentials. The silicium particles coat the metal surfaces, and the reduction in frictional resistance has various effects, such as gears going in more smoothly, and lower gear oil temperatures.


According to a test carried out at Mannheim University in Germany, the reduction in friction on metal surfaces was 33%, temperatures inside the gearbox and bearings reduced by 20%, and the surfaces themselves became 50% less rough – impressive results. 



We asked Yamada-san of “Kurumado Custom Factory”, a tuner who has actually used Rewitec and been impressed by its abilities, for a frank opinion.


“I’ve always been pretty skeptical about this kind of chemical, so when I used the ‘G5’ gear oil additive on our S2000 demo car it was more as a kind of trial than anything else. The S2000 is known for its weak gearbox, and since ours is used on the track I figured it’d be a great test.” he explained. “Long story short, it turned my expectations upside-down. Gear changes were so much smoother.”


What’s more, he was amazed by what he found when he took the transmission apart for inspection. Where he expected to find countless scratches from the harsh treatment, instead it was almost as smooth as if it was brand new. And when applied to the LSD, the effects were great enough to make him wonder if the initial torque hadn’t been raised.


This chemical additive has even top tuners in raptures. If you’re interested, we strongly advise you take a look at their website below and find out where your closest workshop is (if you’re in Japan). Of course you can buy the product and administer it yourself if you prefer.


●Prices: Power Shot: 6480-19440 yen/G5: 1260 yen


Enquiries: Techniq Group (Tel: 045-476-4081)


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