The Fastest Hachiroku at Tsukuba! | The Injection Turbo Spec That Cost Almost Eighty Engines to Achieve

Published : 2021/04/01 11:55 Modified : 2021/04/01 11:55

Turbo tuned 5A-G puts out 480ps!


Famous machine claims title of fastest Hachiroku at Tsukuba


Michido’s famous “Hachiroku” (base car: AE85), has taken part in grassroots racing for over twenty-five years. The pursuit of power under the motif, “Win in a Hachiroku,” has resulted in the destruction of anywhere between a staggering seventy and eighty engines.



The “Fried Engine Festival” finally came to an end in 2018, when the carburetor regulated turbo engine was switched to a fuel injection system and given the latest LINK control module. At the same time, an increase in displacement combined with a new turbo saw power jump over 100ps to 480ps. The elaborate engine management bore fruit, and despite its high power output the engine is still in one piece.



The 4-AG’s bottom end gets CP pistons, BC connecting rods and an 83mm stroke crankshaft bringing it up to “5-AG” specs. The turbo is GCG’s Garrett G25-660, and the wastegate finds the shortest possible route to open air throught the bonnet. “RS Sansai” took charge of setting up the LINK ECU for this particular car.



The Advan A050s filling out the N2 fenders are 255/40 R17 at the front and 265/35 R18 at the rear. The brakes get plenty of attention too, with stock Nissan calipers combining with large diameter rotors. The exhaust is a side exit type, discharging gases from just behind the front wheel. The wheels are Volk Racing TE37Vs (9.5J) and there is an Ennepetal adjustable suspension kit (F: 13kg/mm, R: 12kg/mm).



The interior has a minimalistic single-seater approach. The structure has been strengthened in every area, and the welded rollcage makes for an incredibly rigid body. The rear suspension gets a conversion to a Watt’s Link setup.



The bonnet, wing and roof are carbon fiber parts from Workshop TAKUMI, and improve downforce and reduce weight concurrently. The rear wing in particular is a masterpiece that the owner speaks of very highly indeed. The car’s stability is a cut above with it.



At the time of this report, the car hadn’t competed at Tsukuba Attack for six years, but it set a magnificent new course record for AE86s of 56.859 seconds! The years of toil paid off, and the car finally shone as the fastest Hachiroku on the holy ground of tuning cars.


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