A Chance to Meet Legends of the Tuning World! | Get Down To RE Amemiya and Top Secret on April 11th

Published : 2021/04/02 11:19 Modified : 2021/04/02 11:23

Daijiro Inada to visit famous tuning houses


One-day-only campaigns at each shop 


The influence of COVID-19 has led to the cancellation or scaling-down of numerous events, and many tuning fans haven’t been able to enjoy them as they would have done in previous years. With this in mind, head of the Option Group, Daijiro Inada has announced that he will be teaming up with famous tuning houses to hold a limited meet-up. 




The event will take place on April 11th. First off, RE Amemiya will be offering their branded merch tax free for one day only. They will also give away a free postcard, which won’t be offered for sale, to anyone who makes a purchase. Original Amemiya brand oils will also be available at a special price. Dai and Ame-san should be making an appearance somewhere between eleven and twelve o’clock.



Furthermore, Top Secret will be running a campaign of their own on the same day (between two and three in the afternoon). As with Amemiya, merch will be available tax free, and buyers can get an original poster or postcard (signed by Smoky himself!). Dai and Smoky Nagata are planning to be at the factory during the campaign to enjoy socializing with guests.


With regard to COVID-19 countermeasures, there is a chance that a limit will be placed on the number of participants. Those wishing to take part, don’t forgot to apply in advance!


●Enquiries: Optionland (Tel: 03-6906-7852)


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