Wheels Are Aerodynamic Parts Too! | OZ Announces Sensational New Models

Published : 2021/04/02 10:44 Modified : 2021/04/02 10:44

Resin flaps enhance aerodynamics and brake cooling!


Three new models in quick succession infused with famous brand’s expertise


At long last, famous Italian shop OZ has announced its new models for 2021.


Superturismo AERO-HLT


First up is the “Superturismo AERO (pronounced eye-ro in the original Italian)-HLT”, part of the fourth generation of the Superturismo series. 


Superturismo AERO-HLT


A close look reveals an aggressive apprearance evocative of its sporty market placement. But that isn’t all. This wheel could be described as a metaphor for functional beauty, and it has an elegance that will show off your car’s best side. However, the most notable thing about it is the “aero flap” (retrofitted resin fins) technology visible between each spoke.


Superturismo AERO-HLT


This technology, originally developed for F1 wheels, cleans up the flow of air around the wheels, with the aim of greatly improving the cooling ability of the braking system. Such a eureka moment just goes to show the level of imagination and perception of this super supplier that knows everything there is to know about the racing scene.


Superturismo AERO-HLT

Superturismo AERO-HLT


In addition to the standard center cap that covers only the center bore, a center-locking version will also be available, allowing users to enjoy two different styles. As for the all important release date: the first batch is due for release in mid June 2021.


Superturismo AERO-e


Second up is a derivative model of the Superturismo AERO-HLT, the “Superturismo AERO-e”. Specifically designed for EVs, it takes the Superturismo AERO-HLT as a base, and adds resin inserts across almost the full face of the wheel. OZ’s technological prowess is visible from all angles, one example being the dimples on the inserts, which promote better aerodynamics. This wheel will undergo a few final adjustments, with a view to a release sometime in 2021.





Third and finally is this, the “Sparco Record”. As hinted at in the name, this is a new licensed collaborative work with fellow Italian parts supplier Sparco. This one is an entry-level model, with the concept, “A sporty wheel at an affordable price”.


These wheels are a crystallization of engineering passion and drive. If you’re looking to give your pride and joy a grown-up and sporty look, OZ is sure to be a reliable partner in your endeavors.


Product outline

Superturismo AERO

Price: 75,000-99,000 yen

Sizing: 18×8.0J-19×9.0J


Superturismo AERO-e

Price: TBA

Sizing: TBA


Sparco Record

Price: 39,000-44,000 yen

Sizing: 17×7.5J-18×8.0J


●Enquiries: OZ Japan (Tel: 053-469-5011)


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