Who’s the Driver!? | Evangelion Racing Announce D1GP 2021 Series Setup

Published : 2021/04/05 15:58 Modified : 2021/04/05 15:58

2020 series 17th place Shingo Hatanaka named as driver!


EVA RT-01 Supra gets new aero kit


“Evangelion Racing” came to be as a promotional tie-in with the new series of Evangleion movies. Since its inaugration in 2010, the team has been conspicuous in a variety of scenes, including Super GT’s Suzuka 8 hour endurance road race and e-Motorsports series, “JeGT” amongst others.


As for the D1 Grand Prix series, they took part on a one-off basis in 2020. Although their choice of driver, Tengku Djan Ley, was unable to come to Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the appointment of Mitsuru Murakami meant they could show the car to the fans in the final round at Tsukuba.



And on Saturday April 3rd 2021 at GR Garage Tressa Yokohama, they announced that they will be continuing their partnership with “Ore Da! Racing”. Shingo Hatanaka, who achieved a 17th place finish in last year’s D1 Grand Prix series, will be the driver.



This is the 2021 spec EVA RT-01 GR Supra unveiled at the launch event. Although there are no significant changes in specification, it gets an all new aero kit. This is the Kuhl Racing wide body kit as seen on the “Team Toyo Tires Drift GR Supra,” an aero package developed specifically for D1.



Prestigious tuning house “DoLuck” took charge of the engine build. The base engine is the 4.3L “3UZ-FE” V8 from the Lexus GS, with displacement up to 4.4 liters through the addition of CP pistons and connecting rods.



The turbo is a Garrett G42-1200 Compact, and an HKS F-CON V Pro handles engine management. Although this setup can easily produce over 1000ps, in this instance controllability – rather than peak power – is the aim.



The tires are Sailun Gene R Podium Ds. As presented, the sizes were 265/35 R18 at the front and 285/35 R19 at the rear, but in competition spec that will change to 265/35 R19 and 285/35 R20 respectively.



Shingo Hatanaka was chosen as the driver. He has already had a few test drives. “I felt some apprehension at first, but I soon got a feel for what’s possible with the car. Of course I see all the other drivers as rivals, but I especially don’t want to lose to the other GR Supra drivers,” he enthuses.



This is the GR Supra piloted by Masato Kawabata. Although he will be part of a different team (to Hatanaka) when the new D1 Grand Prix season comes, he took part in the event as a member of “Ore Da! Racing”. Executive advisor Masayoshi Tokita is to be his spotter. There are no changes to the exterior, with the Kuhl Racing wide body kit staying in  place.



Whereas Hatanaka’s machine makes use of a big single turbo, Kawabata’s has one G30-660 for each cylinder bank. An HKS F-CON V Pro controls it all, and calculations based on the fuel consumption give a 1000ps output at 1.4kg of boost, and over 1200ps at 1.8kg. 



The tires are Toyo Tires’ Proxes R888R Drift (F: 275/35 R18, R: 285/35 R20). In the 2020 season the car used 255 or 265 section width front tires to reduce the burden on the power steering and electronics, but improvements in all areas of the car mean that there is no longer any obstruction to using 275s.



The suspension is based around a HKS Hipermax Damper kit, precisely honed during the off season. As a result, the cars overall balance is has greatly improved.



Despite winning the opening round of last season, things didn’t quite go as planned from then on. However, “We did a lot of testing in the off season,” says Kawabata. “The new dampers have had a good effect and the car moves really nicely now, so expect big things.”


The first round of the 2021 series will take place on Saturday, April 24th at Okuibuki Motor Park. We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of performance these two GR Supras will put on!



Text and photos: Daisuke Yamamoto


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