Active’s R32 Wide Body Kit Comes Within Reach! | Long-Awaited Bolt-On Style Arrives

Published : 2021/04/06 11:25 Modified : 2021/04/06 11:25

Bolt-on kit exudes wild aura!


Active’s new easy-install wide body kit


With the aim of proclaiming the second generation GT-R’s charm to future generations, distinguished Kyushu tuning house “Garage Active” have put a new bolt-on FRP body kit on sale.



Active have had an FRP wide body kit on sale for some time now, but the rear fender requires difficult sculpting work to install. Not to mention, there are a lot of tuning fans out there who equate the wide body look with rivets. The development of the body kit you see in these pictures provides an answer to their wishes.



There are no compromises in the details here. Left standard, the fuel filler cap wouldn’t sit flush, so in comes an original hinge to tidy things up. It’s an assembly method that avoids messing with the lines of the fenders.



The front fender and side diffusers are specially made parts too, and smarten up the lines of the lower body.



The wing mirrors are custom pieces that pay tribute to the Group A Skyline. Since these use curved mirrors, they don’t harm usability, providing a wide field of view. 



These gorgeous wheels are RC-VIs, another design of Active’s own making. A fusion of the current trend for “concave” style wheels and the tuning car staple deep dish silhouette, these innovative six spoke rims get the green light. Integrating pierce bolts in the barrel, they manage to look fresh and yet remain unobtrusive.



“The bolt-on look has a cool retro feel, don’t you think? We recommend this kit for those who spend a lot of time at the track,” says Sakamoto, Active’s representative.


The full kit including front and rear bumpers and fenders and a rear under guard comes to 767,000 yen. R32 owners who are thinking of freshening up their pride and joy, this kit is surely worth a look.


Thanks to: Garage Active, 1407-1 Oazaimai, Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture (Tel: 0930-25-4488)



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