Sayaka Shimoda Turns Over a New Leaf | Aims to Acquire D1GP License With New Colors for Machine and Suit

Published : 2021/04/07 15:35 Modified : 2021/04/07 15:35

Bold image change sees car change from red to blue, suit changes from white to black!


Overhauled S15 is raring to go


Sayaka Shimoda is a young hopeful drifter, gaining attention for her high-speed high-angle style. This year will be her fourth attempt at getting her hands on a D1GP license, and with the season approaching she has announced a bold makeover for both her car and suit.


Her beloved S15 gets a blue base color to match the corporate palette of her main sponsor, Daisho Color. Mercury’s Ken Sato designed the livery himself, in response to Shimoda’s request for “Something that looks powerful, to intimidate my opponents!”



The new look doesn’t stop with the car – Shimoda has an all new racing suit too! In tune with the image of new sponsors “Neu interesse”, this will be mainly black, with red trim. Incidentally, another reworked suit – this one with a white base color – has been readied. At “double final” events with races on consecutive days, Shimoda will wear one suit on the first day and change outfits for the second.



There are no changes to the overall specification, but each system in the car has been overhauled. A stock X-Trail head combines with a 2.2L kit from HKS in a so-called VE head special. With a GTX3071R turbo, it produces 550ps at 1.35kg of boost.  This is mated to a five speed sequential transmission from TTI.



Shimoda is enthusiastic. “I have a good feeling about this year!” she says, “My sponsors have roughly doubled, but instead of feeling the pressure, I just want to enjoy myself even more than before. In preparation for the first round at Okuibuki I’ve been practicing at the even more challenging drift course at Fuji Speedway, so I think I should be able to put on a good show on the big day!”


Whilst this is her fourth year of D1 Lights, Shimoda is planning to participate in every round for the first time. We’ll be watching intently to see whether or not she can finally obtain the D1GP license she covets.


Text: Daisuke Yamamoto


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