We Want One of These! | RB26DETT Piston Accessory Case On Sale From OS Giken

Published : 2021/04/07 10:28 Modified : 2021/04/07 11:36

2JZ and SR20 piston versions coming soon!?


With real valve recesses!


On sale from the pride of Japan’s engineering field, OS Giken, is this accessory case based on their reinforced pistons for the RB26DETT.



The case comes in 4-piece construction, making height adjustments a doddle. The lid, which is made of the piston’s head, has valve recesses and grooves for the piston rings just like the real deal. It’s the perfect item to go on display in your room.



The case comes in four colors: blue, gray, gold and ruby, and is available for 8,000 yen. Apparently OS Giken are planning 2JZ, SR20 and FA20 piston accessory cases in the near future, so if you’re an owner watch this space!


Enquiries: OS Giken, 464 Okimoto, Naka Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture (Tel: 086-277-6609)


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