Bolt-On Install Gives Dramatically Improved Rigidity | New Under-Brace For the ND Series Roadster

Published : 2021/04/07 12:11 Modified : 2021/04/07 12:12

Steering response and cornering ability up!


Bolt-on chassis reinforcement heightens synergy between man and machine


Purveyor of assorted tuning goodies (with a focus on suspension bits), Tanabe, has released a rear under-brace for the ND series Roadster (MX-5 Miata).


Front under-brace

Rear under-brace


Tanabe already has a front under-brace available, and this rear one is the follow up to that. By strengthening the floor of the vehicle, it prevents unwanted twisting, and can enhance the car’s handling responsiveness and cornering abilities.


The front brace costs 18,000 yen, with the rear one coming in at 24,000 yen. Owners won’t want to miss out on this part, which makes the Roadster feel even more like an extension of your own body.


Enquiries: Tanabe (Tel: 072-728-6700)


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