Simple Boost Up Takes This Car Beyond the Current Gen Nismo Version! | Latest Tuned R35 GT-R Put Through Its Paces on High-Speed Oval Test Track

Published : 2021/04/07 11:41 Modified : 2021/04/07 11:41

Boost up achieves 313km/h!


High rigidity body and track-ready suspension effective on banked turns 


Even as they continue to work to extract maximum performance from the latest cars, including the GR Supra, Phoenix’s Power are working energetically on their main target – the R35 GT-R. In addition to taking the crown for the fastest R35 at Suzuka Circuit at the end of 2020, their second-to-none technical abilities and knowledge led them to superb 0-1000 meter acceleration and top speed records.



Today’s subject is this, Phoenix’s Power’s 2020 model year Track Edition project car.



The VR38DETT engine is completely standard, including the turbo. However, the fuel system gets upgraded capacity with a view to circuit use. High efficiency auxiliary equipment such as an 80mm diameter intake and 3 layer construction intercooler are added too. And under the management of an original ECU, the combined effect is 676ps (at maximum boost pressure of 1.5 kilograms).



In the exhaust department, there is a Trust catalyzer with an RH9 titanium muffler. The transmission receives no strength upgrades orLSD, settling for changes to the MCU program and a DCT cooler.



The handling package consists of an original suspension kit from Aragosta, with straight-wound Rana springs. Spring rate is 32kg/mm at the front and 28kg/mm at the rear. The brakes have the optional carbon ceramic rotors.


The wheels are 21 inch Volk Racing GT090s (F: 10J +30, R: 11J +15, matching up with Continental SportContact 6 tires (F: 255/35 R21, R: 295/30 R21).



Upgrades to the interior, with its rear seats still in their plastic wrapping, don’t go much beyond seats and floor mats. Those seats are a pair of Recaro RMSs, popular amongst circuit enthusiasts.



The aerodynamic package consists of a carbon fiber front lip and side skirts, along with a Phoenix’s Power original rear under spoiler and a Top Secret ST2 rear wing.



A blast on the high-speed oval test track resulted in a top speed of 313.3 kilometers per hour. For an idea of how fast that is, the 2020 Nismo GT-R was unable to top 300km/h in the same type of test.


Phoenix’s Power have hinted at plans to push forward with a full-on circuit build with a different turbo and engine upgrades. We’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with.


Thanks to: Phoenix’s Power,

Fukui Branch: 2-317 Asahi, Maruokacho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture (Tel: 0776-67-2980)

Kyoto Branch: 37-2 Satosotoyashiki, Kumiyamacho, Kuze County, Kyoto Prefecture (Tel: 0774-48-1157)



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