「A New Innovation in Mesh Wheels “Chevlon Racing M2” Arrives!」Producer Superstar Holds a Debut Campaign

Published : 2021/04/08 22:23 Modified : 2021/04/08 22:23

Those who purchase a full set of 4 are eligible!


Limited to the first 100 sets sold, you can choose a special offer among 2 options


Superstar who develops such brands as Leon Hardiritt and Chevlon Racing now announce the arrival of the Chevlon Racing M2 which updates a retro inspired mesh design. To commemorate the release, they will hold a special campaign that is open to those who purchase a full set.



The first option is a Chevlon Racing Locknut Set (a 13,200 yen value). The pitch can be selected from M12 x 1.5 or M12 x 1.25.



The second option is a free set of gold/chrome cap covers which are priced at 3300 yen per piece, which amounts to a value of 13200 yen for four.



The campaign will end once sales of the first 100 sets are sold or on May 31, 2021 whichever happens first. The Chevlon Racing M2 is available in sizes from 16 inches (5.5J) to 18 inches (11.5J) which can accomodate fitment on a GT-R among a wide range of other models. This design is a masterpiece of the mesh style with a look that is both classic and modern. Why not consider the benefits of this special campaign and take the opportunity to purchase your own set?


●Contact:Superstar  18-66 Katayama-cho, Kashiwara, Osaka Prefecture TEL:072-975-3600


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